Talk Speakers
Software Testing on an Astronomical Scale James Smith
A Python-based Radio Astronomy Correlator James Smith
Building serverless applications with Python and Azure Functions Ronald Mariah
The Joys of using Serverless Functions Muzi Xaba
Don't make me think! The UX of your code Johan Beyers
There is a Snake in my Explorer: The power of Python in (almost) any browser. Max Dittmar
Clicky Maps: ill-advised cartographic visualisations Gordon Inggs
Generating novel images using CLIP in Python. Nilesh Arnaiya
Empowering Snake Charmers-in-Training Stefan Van der Merwe
Turning out short-notice voting tools in Django for a suddenly-online convention Kim van Wyk
turtle-translated - instructing python turtle using multiple languages David Campey
Why you should be excited about PyGame 2 Neil Muller
Remote Talk Speakers
Data analytics for intelligent demand forecasting Diana Pholo
Best practices for good(ish) and clean(ish) code Ernesto Arbitrio
Building & testing Cloud applications locally using LocalStack Harsh Bardhan
Rapid Serverless APIs with Python and AWS Amplify Mohammed Fazalullah Qudrath
Garbage Collection in Python Elijah Okello
Python-oracledb: the new, Thin driver for Oracle Database Christopher Jones
C Mysteries behind Train and Test split in Machine Learning Kalyan Prasad
Deploying your Django project using Dokku Victor Miti
Using machine learning and natural language processing to distinguish between lymphoma and COVID-19 Diana Pholo
Keynote Speakers
Lessons learnt building and maintaining National Treasury's open budget data viz portal JD Bothma
At your service: what we've learnt doing data science at the City of Cape Town Gordon Inggs
Tutorial Speakers
Bridging the Gap Between DevOps and Data Professionals Ramon Perez (Remote), et al.
Pyladies Open Source Workshop pyladies kampala
An Introduction to Web Mapping with Django Christian Christelis

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