Lightning Talks

What, When & How?

Lightning talks are a space to give a short (strictly less than 5 minutes) talk to the whole conference. They're often funny, slightly strange, or informative -- and they're a great way to give a first talk at a conference.

We will have lightning talks this year, during the closing session on Friday before the closing Keynote.

Lightning Talk submissions have closed. Thanks to those who submitted.

Lightning Talks

  • "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of writing a technical book." by Natu Lauchande (Slides (pdf))
  • "Scoring Big Air: Building a scoring system for the Red Bull King of the Air kitesurfing competition." by Johan Beyers
  • “From Clean Code to Clean ML Models” by Steven Van der Merwe (Slides (pdf))
  • "covid waste water tracking" by Colin Anthony


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