The Sprints

What are they?

The sprints are a chance to work on pet projects, help other people work on their pet projects and generally hang out with other Python enthusiasts.

Conference tickets are not required to attend the sprints.

Where & When

In Person Venue: The boardroom on the first floor at the conference venue (take the stairs up)

Online: The discord server, in the #sprints channel

When: Saturday 15th October and Sunday 16th October, starting from around 10:00

Sprint topics

  • wafer - the software behind the PyConZA website.
  • pyntnclick - a library for writing point-n-click adventure games

Sprint Report

  • First draft at updating wafer to bootstrap 5.
  • Some work towards better upload support in wafer.
  • Updated sqlobject in Debian.
  • Uploaded video recordings from the streaming PCs for further processing.
  • Checked inventory of PyConZA items and updated with latest additions.
  • Work towards getting turtle-translated pypi ready -

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